Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog Alert - Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When You Twitter?

Myself, I'm not a huge twitter fan - although I'll stop short of declaring it totally for the birds. A lot of my own disembrace of Twitter is due to my personal circumstances. I have internet access only in the evening, and generally in the context of a day job. I don't use portable networking appliances, and don't even have text enabled on my cell.

But for people whose circumstances allow them to participate in the tweeting world it appears to have its uses. And for those who wish to use twitter as a tool to become more widely known, this recent blog post by Michael Hyatt offers some excellent tips for the novice tweety-bird.

Michael is CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, a prominent Christian publisher with an Evangelical orientation. Although I sometimes feel that his embrace of the social media trend borders on the cultish, his depth of involvement seems to generate some interesting and useful insights, which he frequently shares on his blog.

If you're an aspiring tweeter, check out the post.


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