Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blog Alert - How to get a Small-Press Book into Barnes & Noble

One thing which no aspiring novelist should overlook is the growing number of alternatives to traditional publication by a large publisher. One alternative which has been around for a while is the world of small presses - a world which is very much on the radar of the blog Inde-Debut 2010. Their "about" page describes them as "... a group of first-time authors who've joined together to spread the word about their books that hail from small presses."

A recent post written by Scott Heydt explains what a small press author may typically go through in the process og getting their work to appear on the Shelves at B & N.

I was struck by Scott's down-to-earth style and his nuts-and-bolts focus. He's not talking generalities, he's talking what you would actuyally do - right down to the level of who to call on the phone and what to say to them. If you've been published by a small press, or are contemplating it as an option, this article is a should-read, and the blog is a check-it-out.


How to get a Small-Press Book into Barnes & Noble | Indie-Debut 2010

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